Information on Randolph Johnson aka Chief Mogui Standing Bear

If you go to the probate court and look up volume 288 pages 40 41 42 43 you will find Mr. Johnson's application for a name change. On the name change document which is page 40 you will see that Mr. Johnson states he has never met his father. On page 42 is his sworn affidavit in which he states he has never been convicted of any offence other than a minor offence. These documents were filed in December of 1995. If he has never met his father how then could John Hamilton have adopted him as his son in 1970? One would think that if a father and his 13-year-old son are living so close to each other and the father supposedly adopts the son, that the father would have made an attempt to see his child. Especially if the child is being made a chief. One would think that the child would be involved with his People if given such a position. Also, if John made Randolph chief, why would Randolph state on his name change application that he is Medicine Man and not Chief? Perhaps because it was prior to his hostile take over of the corporation operating in a misleading manner as a bonafide Nation.

His claim on his SWORN AFFIDAVIT was fraudulent as well. He was convicted in January 1980 in New London Superior Court of four counts of selling illegal drugs, which is a felony conviction. This information can be found on Criminal Docket Sheet number 10-108490 JD. His probation officer was James Hendel who has since retired.

Lets get back to the paperwork that John Hamilton supposedly signed to make Randolph chief. It concerns me a bit that the paperwork, if superimposed on the same of one Kenneth Hatrous, looks surprisingly like it was altered from Mr. Hatrous's paperwork. It is especially strange since he was actually named in 1995 by Ellie Fortin. Randolph also claims that his father was a Chief of the Mohegan Nation in 1933. His father was not Chief but actually a land claims representative. If Randolph is such a good and benevolent man, why has he been so adamant in going after casino monies from both the Mohegans and the Pequots? If he were honorable he would not be so over come with greed. Whether one agrees with casinos or not why should Randolph, who is of questionable character in the least, get to decide how these monies are distributed? Why also has he misled individuals in stating that he derives income from both New England casinos?